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 A trip to Cape Verde, Santiago island,  is a unique and unforgettable experience of nature, history, culture and traditions
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We organize a stay with excursions on the island of Santiago, where the colonization of the archipelago began, where there are historical testimonies UNESCO World Heritage Site, where uncontaminated landscapes, tropical beaches of Tarrafal and Saint Francisco meet up to the verdant hills of Serra Malagueta National Park. A unique and unforgettable experience, a proposal for those who, on a different journey, want to immerse themselves in landscapes, history and culture of this wonderful place. A stay based on eight days, but customizable to the wish of the tourist, provides a visit to the most beautiful and interesting places on the island. 

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Cidade Velha Saint Francisco beach
Tarrafal beach Assomada - Picos
Monte Chota - Rui Vaz Serra Malagueta National  park
Rabelados Chão Bom
Excursion Santiago island  
Cidade Velha -  Forte de São Felipe - Capo Verde

Spiaggia di Sao Francisco - Capo Verde
île de Santiago, Cap-Vert

tarrafal santiago capo verde
Serra Malagueta - Capo Verde

rua de banana capo verde


Agencia de túrismo  Praia, ilha de Santiago - República de Cabo Verde